Two weeks ago I got THAT feeling. That feeling you get just before holiday season. You want to redecorate your home, make it as cozy as can be, all ready for Christmas time! So besides adding Christmas decorations and a beautiful tree, I wanted to create a stylish wall with posters that personally mean something to me.

One of the biggest and well-known webshops for posters, prints and frames is DESENIO.. So I decided to order posters in various sizes with black frames to hang on my wall.

This is what I did: I chose the posters that I liked the most and what sizes I wanted them to have. After that I went to the frames section, and I already knew I wanted them to be black, so I chose the same black frames in the needed sizes.



  • You can see the letter M hanging there and I’m sure you know that’s because of my name
  • The boxing gloves, because I love boxing. I’ve been training since I was fourteen years old.
  • I got a thing for old motors and cars. That’s why the motorbike is hanging on my wall. Love the oldtimers!
  • The woman in the early morning light. For me, it stands for walking alone and really finding yourself. Maybe some will see it as just a ‘nice photo’. But this is what I was thinking when I saw it. It represents myself.
  • I love traveling! Would love to travel the world some day, so the world map is basically one of my goals, my dream.
  • Sensuality has always been a big part of my life. I love to be super feminine! That’s why I love the black kissing lips!
  • I’m always dreaming of earrings I’ve never lived in. I’m fantasize sitting in an old cafe during the late 30s, early 40s enjoying a drink. That’s why you can see a poster of this cafe in Stockholm in 1941. So I can start daydreaming again.
  • My motto: paradise isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. I’ve tattooed the word ‘paradise’ on my hand. Reminding me how lucky I am, that I’m so young but already realize that happiness is something you can create in your very own mind. Be happy with what you got, especially with your family and friends. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t care about what they say. The meaning of the ones who love your are way more important. With the palm trees poster I will constantly be reminded of my own PARADISE!   

I was talking about my wall decoration right..