Found another hotspot in Amsterdam! It’s ”The Pool”, a mediterranean inspired restaurant and cocktailbar. They say that they’ve been ”inspired by this idea of the Mediterranean as a giant pool surrounded by food-loving communities. Our Amsterdam restaurant’s menu unites the fresh and vibrant French, Italian and Spanish cuisines with the exotic spices of the Levant, the Balkans and North Africa. But mixing and mingling isn’t just for flavors”.

And you can definitely taste that! Our table was full of all kinds of dishes of various culinary cultures. I asked the staff to surprise me and they did! Started with a delicious cocktail (as you can see on the photo) and got surrounded with Hummus Bi Tahini (Lebanon), Prawn Sagnaki (Greek), Mujeddrah (Island of Lesbos), Calamaris Fritti and much more! If you love trying different things as much as I do, you should definitely visit The Pool, and dive in ;).



Wibaut­straat 131-A

+31 (0) 20 26 20 491