When I think about oversized jumpers, I think of cold winter mornings with a big cup of coffee-to-go, ready to take over the world! Maybe that’s why I’m constantly reaching for this comfortable piece in my wardrobe. The oversized sweater is still a hot trend during winter seasons and seems like it never stops burning.

Luckily for me, I’ve found the perfect oversized knit jumper with turtle neck at one of my favorite shops (Aftershock London). So I can rock this winter fashion trend!

On the photo your can see me wearing this lightweight knit jumper with with dark blue casual trousers and a dark blue cap. Some call it Captain’s cap, some cabby cap, I don’t know what to call it but I know that since Kendall walked around the block with her hat, they’ve been poppin’ up at every store.

When you’re wearing a loose, oversized sweater you don’t want to look shapeless. Pop on a necklace to balance out the look or glasses like I did on the first photo. These transparant glasses are so popular right now!


Now it’s your turn: go grab your favorite oversized sweater or just buy a new one because it’s worth the investment. Pair it with an unexpected bottom and accessorize for a fun juxtaposition look.