I don’t have to spell it out for you. Seeing my Instagram, you can guess I’m a big jewelry lover. As specially when it comes to the fine jewelry of Sharon Rozenbaum.

This amazing talented woman has created a unique jewelry collection that’s as sweet and tiny as it is fierce and edgy.


I’ve been wearing her jewelry all the time! I’m crushing on the chokers and the lovable glittery earrings. Who said that fine jewelry has to be minimalistic? You’ll turn into a diva on stage within a seconde when you put on the thunder pieces!

Lucky for you, Sharon has launched her webshop this week so you can all feel electric: http://sharonfinejewelry.com/ 

On the picture above you’ll spot a lot of gorgeous pieces! Like the double ‘Lightning’ necklace made of 18K gold, together with the white ‘Zig Zag’ ring, an elegant hand chain and the ‘Lightning’ earrings, also made from 18K gold.


Sharon_fine_jewelry_muriellevanschaikAll these sparkles! I’m wearing the white ‘Lightning’ choker, the ‘Classic Circle’ earringsthe ‘Electric Zig’ ring and the ‘Pave Double Bar‘ bangle. Don’t they look good with my leopard faux fur coat?!

The chokers are really my favorites right now. They’re really hot this moment! But nevertheless, the timeless designs will always stay in my jewelry box.

Sharon_fine_jewelry_muriellevanschaikOn this photo you can see me wearing the white ‘Stardust’ choker, made of 14K gold and combined it with the ‘Disco stud’ earrings.

You’re in love already? The classic pieces are at the same time versatile. They’re significant enough to create that stylish look by using jewelry. You can wear them alone but also layered together.

Mix and match the jewelry and you’ll be able to wear them to get a cup of coffee, go to important meetings or to have a wild night out in the city. Sharon’s pieces push the boundaries yet remain wearable, beautiful, and timeless.

Glamour and simple elegance, exactly what I’m always looking for!