SNCKBR is the healthy pleasure hotspot in Amsterdam that you definitely should try, even if your not a health-lover. Because who doesn’t want to enjoy food to the maximum without feeling guilty?! Calories don’t count on the weekend but the low calorie dishes at SNCKBR won’t even count on a Thursday night ;) and by the way.. the menu is vegan-proof!


I started my dinner with ordering the ”Tonijn Tataki”. With tuna, sweet-and-sour cumcumber, chioggia beet, avocado and spring onions. I really loved the taste of the slices smooth avocado between the chopped tuna combined with the sweet-sour flavour. 


My main dish was the SNCKBR pokebowl xxl (vega). They used cauliflower rice instead of real rice which actually tasted reeeeally good! Mixed it with some avocado, red peper, mango, soja beans, spring onions and pomegranate seeds. This dish only contains between the o and 250 calories but I was so satisfied after. Almost hadn’t enough space for a dessert. Almost..


Yeehaaaaaa, here it is: the most delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted! My guilty pleasure. Curd cheese from cocos yoghurt, with vanilla, quince compote and raw chocolate mousse. I never exaggerated. Order this sweet piece if you go there! 


Finished my dessert and had some fresh ginger tea with some little pieces of raw chocolate brownie. Just chilling and chatting with my mom who joined me. 

If you’re curious about the whole healthy menu you can check it here: