A flawless skin comes from within! And with some help from the real-u;)

As you might know I really try to eat healthy and diverse food and I drink a lot of water. I believe that a flawless and naturally glowing skin can be created by taking good care of yourself. But of course, you can’t deny that a little help from the outside is necessary.

So here it is, two of my flawless skin secrets: I always clean my face before I go to bed and before I put on my make-up. I wash my face with the CLEANSE Gentle Foam Wash from the real-u. I love this product because it cleans your skin without removing all the skin’s natural oils and it doesn’t over-dry your skin. It just makes my face feeling super clean. That’s how I like it!


I get my face wet with water (not too cold) so when I add the cleanser it starts to lightly foam when I gently massage it all over my skin. Mostly I use it in the shower.

Like everyone, I discover, from time to time, enjoying pimples on my face too. And when I do, I use the REMOVE spot treatment from the real-u.

Often when I go to bed or in the morning, on my clean skin. I recently popped the stuff on a little effected area before I went to bed and in the morning it was almost gone, so I was able to cover it up very nicely. Like my skin was flawless!

By the way, it can also be used over your make-up. It absorbs really quickly.


My tips for a flawless skin are simple:

Clean your skin very well, every day, not matter what (very tired, sick or even drunk), drink enough water, eat daily two pieces of fruit and at least 300 grams vegetables and try to avoid sugar as much as you can. Do you still got pimples poppin’ up after that? Use a spot remove treatment. The real-u cleanser and spot treatment are my favorites products right now!