How can you rock iconic outfits of legendary Hollywood stars from the 1950s and 60s with pieces from the current fall/winter collections?

Before I’ll answer that question, I want to tell you why I’m writing this blog post: the reason I write it is because I will participate in the contest to win the Creative Content Award, which is one of the awards of the Zalando Style Icons.

Some of you might know that I’m a big fan of old movies, legendary Hollywood stars and the 50s, 60s and 70s fashion styles. It leaves no room for other than the conclusion that I must have been born in the wrong era. So to come up with an idea for creative content wasn’t so hard for me. I wanted to imitate the iconic outfits of legendary Hollywood stars.

I started scrolling through my Pinterest boards in which I save (or actually ”pin”) a lot of photos of old Hollywood stars. I was looking for fashion photos of legendary actresses, that represent a style that can be worn in 2016 as well.


While scrolling I remembered that I once saved a very fashionable photo of Audrey Hepburn. A true fashion icon with the most elegant style. And yes, almost at the bottom of my Pinterest board I found it: Audrey Hepburn wearing a classic Breton striped shirt and cropped pants.


The breton striped shirt rarely goes out of style. It has become a wardrobe staple since Coco Chanel herself launched the striped shirt into populair fashion in 1913. The Breton is a timeless classic. Not only is it photographed on Audrey Hepburn but also on Brigitte Bardot and Jean Seberg.

With the striped shirt she worn sleek cigarette pants that grazed the ankles. The cropped pants work great with the basic tops Audrey Hepburn loved to wear. I think she really helped to popularize these pants.

If you like this style as much as I do, you’re of course very eager to know where I found these items to copy her look!

Striped shirt: s.Oliver | Zalando
Cropped cigarette pants: Vero Moda | Zalando
Earrings: Hema (Netherlands)


One of my own role models is Brigitte Bardot. She wore various elegant styles and they all suited her. We all know this iconic sex symbol for her sexy off-shoulder tops, the simple dresses and the bombshell cocktail dresses. But did you know she was also a big fan of over-the-knee boots?

During my search for the perfect fashion photo of Brigitte Bardot, I found this photo of her walking through the airport and wearing a black skirt, lace top, black cardigan and over-the-knee boots. To complete her outfit she wore a big floppy hat and a tassel necklace. Nevertheless, the handbag, over the shoulder bag and the passport holder are accessories too.


Over-the-knee boots are the chicest shoes of the season. They’ve been trendy again since 2012. So I already had a pair of flat over-the-knee boots in my collection. Mine are made from suede but as you can see Brigitte Bardot is wearing leather boots. But don’t worry. If you want them to be made of leather. I’ve found a leather pair for you:

Leather over-the-knee boots: Anna Field | Zalando
Black skirt: Marc O’Polo | Zalando
Lace top: Only | Zalando
Black cardigan: H&M
Floppy hat: Ted baker | Zalando
Handbag: Even & Odd | Zalando
Shoulder bag: Sabrina Paris | Zalando
Tassel necklace: H&M


Have you ever seen the film ”The Key”? Probably not because it’s a 1959 British war film. I, with the old soul, have seen the movie. And in this movie Sophia Loren plays the role of Stella, a young Swiss woman. A memorable scene is the one where Sophia wears a trench coat and a very colorful scarf around her head.


Before the trench coat was discovered by Hollywood stars the overcoat was an essential wardrobe item of the British military officers. The coat owes its stylish legacy to World War I, but there aren’t many people that still make the connection between trench coat and the trenches anymore. In 2016 the coat is a classic one!

In the 1950’s and early ’60s elegance was the look of the day and the famous Hollywood stars began to wear scarves draped across their heads and tied it just onder the chin or wrapped around the neck.

As I mentioned before, the scarf that Sophia Loren is wearing in the picture is very colorful. Bright pink is the main color. And I just love the contrast between the sand colored coat plus background and the vibrant scarf.

Want to look like the girls in the movies? I found similar items for you!

Trench coat: GAP | Zalando
Scarf: Coccinelle | Zalando


Lauren Bacall. An American actress and singer and wife of the actor Humphrey Bogart. She isn’t the typical Hollywood Fashion icon. You won’t see posters of her hanging on bedroom walls and she isn’t featured on trendy tee’s. She wasn’t the cute or bubbly Hollywood star, she had a more serious look. A incredible actress that just knew her fashion stuff.

If you’ll Google fashion photos of Lauren Bacall you will find endless gorgeous photos with drapery long dresses and silk blouses but at home she was a lovely lady with the best casual style. I stumbled upon a photo where she wore plaid check pants with a tiny belt and a simple shirt.


As you can see, I found similar items. I wore a 60s inspired high-waisted plaid ankle pants. It isn’t the same plaid check motif as the one from Lauren Bacalls pants but the idea is the same. You can still create the same look.

Plaid pants: Scotch and Soda | Zalando
Basic shirt: H&M
Charm bracelets: Six accessories


Last but not least. I bet you’ve already spotted the latest trend for fall/winter 2016 in the shops and on internet: patent trench coats. Leather was already huge for fall, every season. But when you add a glossy, high-shine finish to it you get a more sexier, fetish-chic version.

But the patent trench coat isn’t something new. As you can see Britt Ekland already wore one in the 60s. Britt Ekland is a Swedish actress and singer.


Honestly I’m digging Britt Eklands coat more. It’s much more shiny as mine. So if you ever find one that’s as glossy as hers, please let me know (

To complete this 60s look I bought white net tights. They were really hard to find though. Ordered them online at a Dutch tight shop.

Patent red coat: Zara
White net tights:

Seeing my photos next to the photos of the legendary Hollywood stars, you can see that I’ve tried to create the same fashion looks with items of the current fall/winter collections and in my opinion it turned out very well. The fashion pieces don’t have to be exactly the same, but you just need to stay in the trend and accessories can help you complete the 50s or 60s look. I think that the fashion looks of these women and with them more Hollywood stars, have influenced the current trends. So it’s smart to search for old Hollywood actrices on the internet and try to copy their looks. Than you’ll never be out of style!

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