A revolution in the world of beauty: the Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara. A breakthrough shakeable mascara for beautiful clump-free volume. Because of its (first-to-market) patent-pending shaker system the volumising formule will be refreshed whenever it’s needed!

When I received this 9ml mascara (yes it’s larger and heavier than regular mascaras) I was a bit sceptic. I never had a mascara that didn’t dry out so why would this one from Rimmel London would be different?! Well that is because of the shake-shake technology, Rimmel London says. And I have to admit, I’m happily surprised! This technology allows the mascara to never dry out. Seems like a beauty miracle right?

Besides the fact that it stays fresh from the first to last use, that ‘use’ is very nice as well. Your lashes get beautifully separated from corner to corner, without clumps and with great volume. It has a great staying power throughout the day.

I’ve been using the Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara since a few weeks now and still no clumps and no signs of drying out. I use my mascara everyday and because of my many photoshoots I put on several layers on my lashes. I love to have voluminous lashes on my photos. So mostly, I already notice a change in the liquid. It slowly starts to dry out and right now, everyday it seems like I have a brand new mascara.. Hooray!

My conclusion: I actually think this is the best volume mascara for me right now. Due the special shake system there is minimal oxygen contact with the result that the mascara doesn’t dry out and does not clump. So I will have optimal volume from the first to the last use.

So just.. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE (dance emoji) and for my Dutchgirls, it’s available online at so you don’t have to get your a** to the store.