Beautify your cooking space by having food prints hanging around your kitchen! They will impart freshness and they will remind you of your favorite herbs, fruits and dishes. This beautiful wall art will fit into your kitchen wether you have a modern design or vintage. Various posters and frames are available in the most lovable styles!

I have a white modern kitchen with black and silver accents. So because of this minimalism style I could choose divers posters. Colored, black and white, different fonts etc. but I kept my frames all black. At first I thought I might had order to much posters. I just keep adding posters because I loved them all! But luckily, my kitchen looks even BIGGER now that I got the posters hanging on my wall, and leaning on the kitchen counter. Didn’t expected that!

Well here are the posters and frames that I have in my kitchen. You can click on them and you will be redirected to that poster. I’ve ordered them at DESENIO:

desenio_muriellevanschaik desenio_muriellevanschaik desenio_muriellevanschaik