My first lifestyle post has to be about one of my biggest passions: art. Being the daughter of an art dealer, gives me the opportunity to admire new works of art every week. This month there’s a large exhibition at my fathers gallery (Van Schaik & Van Schaik Art Gallery):

Guy Olivier, la fête continue II. 

The art of painting and enjoying the art of living are embodied in the work of the Liege-based, Dutch artist Guy Olivier. Banquets, femme fatales and lascivious women in pubs are his favorite subjects!

I’ve been at the opening of this exhibition at Van Schaik Art Gallery, in Zeist (the Netherlands) and I took some photos to share with you these incredible pieces of art! If you’d like to see a short video of this grand opening, go to my Instagram profile to some snaps of these magical evening: @muriellevs.

For my Dutchies: this must-see exhibition runs until the end of April!