My sweet, sweet Lord! The Don has been good to me. You probably know about my jewellery addiction and Don Biu has been feeding it. Don Biu is an amazing jewellery brand. They make their jewellery using traditional Balinese instruments and methods and granulated silver! Now, you must be wondering what this mysterious brand name means. Don Biu means ‘banana leaf’ in Balinese.

Statement rings with unique gemstones, elegant arm-candy and shiny silver necklaces. Their collection is heavenly! Wear the rings with a chic or bohemian style or even with a tough 90s look!

I was getting fed up with the choker, because every Instagrammer was wearing the same black chokers made from the same fabrics and it’s getting un-original now.. so I felt like a happy kid when I received a silver chains choker with individually cut light hanging coins. You can see me wearing it on the photo above. It’s a solid (handcrafted) lifetime piece! You can buy this necklace on their website AND/OR in the Don Biu Etsy shop.

And look at these górgeous rings that I’m wearing on this next photo! Something turquoise, something black and something like a rainbow.. These rings a perfect for the adventures bohemian girls but also for the rebellious 90s kids.

The beauty that is blinking on my right hand middle finger shines in the sunlight and glows in the low light. This natural rainbow moonstone ring is my daytime favorite!

On my other hand you can see me wearing two rings. A natural turquoise gemstone ring and a large, black natural onyx gemstone ring.  WANDERLUST BABY! The turquoise piece is getting that lovely boho look because of the jagged edge and the black piece is looking very antique because of the oxidized detail. I love it!

Where are you waiting for? Go get them!


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