It’s lunchtime! I found a new spot with a beautiful terras where you can enjoy delicious food plus the amazing view. The spot I’m talking about is grand café The Tropen in Amsterdam.

This hotspot in the heart of Amsterdam is designed by Piet Boon studio, open 7 days in a week and has a large terras adjacent to the Oosterpark.

Their menu is inspired by various cultures and flavors from around the world and is constantly changing, depending on the availability of local and fresh ingredients.


I’ve tried their lentil soup and indeed, you could taste that they’re using fresh ingredients. And if you’re not into lentil soup, try their harira soup, vegetarian or with lamb meat. My lunch-partner tried the harira with meat and really loved this Moroccan harira soup.

But that was just a starter. After the soup I had a sandwich with homemade hummus and grilled vegetables (healthy and deeeeelicious) and the ‘broodje Pom’. Which is a sandwich with chicken, salted meat and spicy sweet sour vegetables.


So if you’re looking for a fine lunch hotspot in the heart of Amsterdam, go visit the grand café ‘De Tropen’. Information can be found on their website:

Grand café De Tropen

Linnaeusstraat 2, 1092 AD Amsterdam

Phone: 020 568 2000