Yesterday was such a warm day, so I decided to finally wear my shorts and top of Adidas Originals, the frutaflor print to be exactly. The intense blue color of this tracksuit matches the Liu Jo Aura running sneakers.

Adidas originals frutaflora

These Liu Jo aura running sneakers are a combination of blue suede, with cobalt blue satin and silver detail above the heel. The blue rhinestones, spikes and green-yellow accents give these shoes a luxurious but edgy look. Because I’ve paired these sneakers with the blue Adidas tracksuit, I’ve used the blue shoelaces instead of the green/yellow ones.

These Adidas tracksuits are available in different prints, but I like this blue/pineapple print (frutaflor) the most. But anyhow, these tracksuits are a must-have! They’re really comfortable and fit perfectly. The bottom has an elastic waist band, which I’ve experienced as pleasant ;)

I was wearing:
Adidas originals frutaflor tee
Adidas originals frutaflor shorts
Liu Jo aura running sneakers
These tracksuits are going real fast. Sold out at Try 

Adidas originals frutaflora

Adidas Originals frutaflora

adidas originals frutaflor

Adidas originals frutaflora

Adidas originals frutafloraAdidas originals frutaflora